Rutech is a global leader of supplying materials for new energy industries.

Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, Retech has production sites in Guangzhou and Wuxi.

Rutech specializes in new energy materials, particularly in conductive paste used in PV industry. Since its establishment in July 2000, Rutech has been providing the market with variety of products, such as Al paste, Ag paste and Ag conductive adhesive paste. Its Al Paste for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell ranks No.1 market share in the world.

Rutech is committed to technology innovation and independent research, as well as development of self-owned intellectual property rights.

Rutech will continue to meet demands of clients from different perspectives by strengthening its R&D ability and customer services satisfaction to keep pace with developments of the global new energy industries.

Rutech will continue to penetrate in business of new energies masteries and to remain competitive in the market. The development of core competences will help maintain its leading position in the industry.

Embedding Confucianism in business,contributing to national prosperity with entrepreneurship

Advocating Confucianism, Rutech upholds the core values of “integrity, respect and entrepreneurship” by integrating Confucian values into its daily operation. We aim at running Rutech into an outstanding national brand by offering the best to people around the world.