Logo Connotations

Ideas of the Logo

Vitality, hope and energetic sunshine Ginkgo leaf, symbolizing Confucian values and environment protection A logo representative of Rutech culture

Connotation of core design

The logo, resembling a piece of ginkgo leaf, represents our Confucian values. Gingko is one of the emblems of Confucianism. Confucius started lecturing under a ginkgo tree, believing that the fruitful tree symbols enormous outstanding graduates, the straight trunk represents integrity, and the ginkgo fruit, which can be used as food and medicinal material, representing benevolence. Hence Confucius named his lecture place as “Gingko Institute”.

Rutech bases its logo on gingko leaf to manifest its idea of embedding Confucianism into its business. To Rutech, the fruitful tree symbolizes Rutech’s continuous contributions to the outside world, the straight trunk represents sincerity and integrity which Rutech people always uphold, and the useful fruit represents Rutech’s good will of making profits from benefitting the community.


Connotation of the arcs

The three arcs irradiating from the gingko leaf represents sunshine. Confucius worshiped the great nature, believing that man is an integral part of and should copy its attitude from the nature. Our logo, the ginkgo leaf under sunshine, indicates Rutech's integration with the nature, and that its products are sourced from the nature and in return contribute to green circulation of the nature.

It also indicates that Rutech’s business is a luciferase one, contributing to clean energy production in the interest of human beings with materials from the nature. Rutech is like a ginkgo tree under the sunlight, aspiring, vital and upright.


Connotation of the color

Orange is the color of sunlight, conveying warmth and love. Bright orange, the perfect color of ginkgo leaf in the prime of its life, is also the ideal color of the warmest sunlight. It conveys the meanings of vitality, warmth, energy, ideal and hope.